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I installed my new Troll-EZE foot tray in a 1999 Skeeter , and all I can say is "WOW"! I had no idea that a foot pedal took up so much space on the deck of my boat. After I installing the tray , it eased the pain to my lower back , also gave me a more stable fishing platform. Aside from clearing the clutter , to me it looks so much better ! Let me be one of many who recommends the Troll-EZE recessed tray. This goes out to anyone who is looking to enhance their day on the water!

~ Thanks, Brian Hilton

The Trolleze product is the best aftermarket product I’ve ever installed on my boat. It is made of quality components, is easy to install, and saves my back a lot of strain while out on the water. Having the pedal level to the floor also removes a potential trip hazard from the deck of smaller boats like mine. Add in the fact that it is considerably cheaper than other similar products, I can’t see a reason a person wouldn’t install it on their boat as well. Thanks for a great product, Troll-Eze!

~ Eric Huber, OH ( ultimatebass.com forum staff )

I got the second Trol-Eze just the other day. I'm hoping the weather holds up next weekend, so my buddy can come down with his new boat and get it installed on Sunday. Thanks again!

~ Eric Huber, OH ( ultimatebass.com forum staff )

Hi I have installed it in my 95 ranger 361-v and I love it, my back feels much better to .Its the best thing I have put on my boat. I fished a Virginia Mr-Bass tourney and my partner liked it so much that when he got home he and his fishin` buddy would be getting one for their boat . I told him where I got it . Thanks for a good deal on a great product.

~ Dave Mc

I installed my Troll-eze recessed tray recently on my Ranger 392v and spent the last couple of days out pre fishing for an upcoming tournament.  All I can say is WOW.  It totally eliminated my back and leg fatigue.   This is a must have addition to your boat. I will be definitely recommending this product to others.  Thank you Troll-eze.
Al Benoit, ON Canada

I have a very small 10 foot boat which I have recently added a casting deck to. I also have Minn Kota foot control trolling motor. Once I added that large pedal to the small deck it gets crowded and a little dangerous. 
I got the Troll-eze and fitted it to my boat.....what a HUGE difference it makes to the amount of space I have on the deck. 
Also, I like to fish from as early as possible until as late as possible and this product will help reduce any body aches and pains as well as making the boat a safer and more comfortable place.
Thanks for the AWESOME product Troll-eze, 10 out of 10.
Steve Bell (South Korea.)

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